The Google Trusted Store Badge: Why And How To Implement It On Your E-commerce Website

The Google Trusted Store” – name says it all. As a buyer I will always prefer to purchase something that is trusted and secured. How do you know an e-commerce website is secured and trusted? Most of the trusted badge is generated from some JavaScript without any strong verification. A simple logo or trusted badge doesn’t guarantee that an online store is trusted. Why Google Trusted Store is special? Because to show up the badge on your site, you really have to work on the site and verify over along period of time. After a long period of time, Google will make sure you meet every criteria and only then it allows your to show the trusted badge on your site. You are not done there. Google continuously check quality of order delivery, shipment time etc. If you fail continue the quality of service, they will take off the badge from your site. So this is really a good way to know if you can get guaranteed service from an online store.

Google Trusted Store Verified Sign

Google Trusted Store Verified Sign

Now let’s see how we can implement Google Trusted Store on your website.

There are 4 steps to follow

  1. Account Setup – You can follow the instructions here.
  2. Create and Submit Your Feed – This one has 3 more steps. First step is to connect your Google Trusted Store account with your Google Merchant Centre account.

In order to submit feeds for Google Trusted Stores, you’ll first need to link a Google Merchant Center account to your Google Trusted Stores account. You can do this by selecting an account from the Choose an account dropdown in your Trusted Stores account, linking the accounts directly from Google Merchant Center, or creating a new Merchant Center account.

Next is to output shipment feed and cancelled order feed. I have created an example. Please check this out from here. Get the “shipment_feed.php” and “cancellation_feed.php” – Each file explains where to place them.

 After creating your feeds, you’ll submit them through the Google Merchant Center account linked to your Google Trusted Stores account. If you have not yet linked your Google Trusted Stores account to your Google Merchant Center account, please visit your Google Trusted Stores account to complete this process. 

You can see the Google Merchant Center account feeds linked to your Google Trusted Stores account by visiting

  1. Add JavaScript to Your Site – Please get the “google_trusted_store_badge.php” and “order_confirmation.php” and place them in your pages as I mentioned at the top of each page. Update: Domain name must be with www. http won’t work.
  2. Monitoring Period – After all the above steps, you have to wait 28 days or 250 trackable orders. But before that you can make sure your integration is correct from here trag to bottom, select your trusted store and click on “Test Now”. If you see the preview of trusted store then your are good. Make sure you complete an order to finish the full testing.
Preview of successful implementation

Preview of successful implementation

If you face any problem to integrate Google Trusted Store in your website, contact me. I can help you to set it up properly.

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Why Don’t We Blog Anymore?

My morning started with a good news from my employer that “Today i’m free from work and i can do anything i want.” – Since then i have been thinking how should i spend the day. I suck at unplanned chilling, but interesting thing is, i spent lots of time on Facebook till i started writing this post. Coming to this point later but why i wanted to write this post? Because i have been thinking about it why we don’t blog anymore or way less than before?

I just visited my all time favourite geek Robert Scoble’s blog. You know when was his last blog on his personal blog site? March 5th, 2012. That’s pretty surprising delay from a blogger like Scoble who used to post at least 4-5 post everyday. Almost same story from my another favourite geek Michael Arrington – What’s wrong with blogging then? We know RSS is almost dead. Is blogging dead too?

I will let you answer on this. Do you read blog post like before? Do you get same traffic on your blog post like you used to? It’s the engagement that keep you in touch with something you do. I have a feeling this is what happening with blogger like Robert Scoble and others. Or at least they have found Facebook is more engaging than blogging, twitter.


Few years ago i wrote a blog on twitter and facebook. I said twitter wouldn’t be affected by facebook because facebook couldn’t do what twitter was doing and they have different types of friends. I was *Wrong*. I was completely wrong. Surprisingly, i’m reading most of the tech news from Facebook now days, for an example this morning i started my day reading this, where did i read it? Facebook. At this moment there is no other place on earth than Facebook that engage you and make you addicted and that’s the key to break a traditional chain.

You guys, who are reading this post can certainly argue with me. Leave your comment, prove me wrong. Will you?

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HotTech News from TOP Tech Sources

Recalling my last post—yes! I have published an Android app on the market! If you have an Android device, install and play…What is it about? Here it is:

Reading Tech News

Just any Tech news? Nope—TOP Tech news in real time! I included all the features that were missing from an android app that I found. Now it’s up to you to tell me what other features you would like to see in this simple and easy-to-use application.

The first release offers you the following features:

-       Techmeme Top News AND Hacker News
-       Super readable content
-       Sharing made easy with shortened URLs
-       Compatible with any Android mobile and tablet devices

And much more…

Check it out: Download the App

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